Art Deco Weekend

46th Annual Art Deco Weekend 2023

Vendor Check-In for Art Deco Weekend

Vendor check-in for Art Deco Weekend this year will be more simple than ever!

  • Set-up hours are 6am-11:30am on Friday. Vendors plan to arrive in your car at 5th street and Ocean Drive at 6am on Friday 1/14. The gate will be open and you will need to provide your vendor name and/or a copy of the confirmation email. You will receive your package including your booth number at the drive-in check-in
  • You will be able to drive your car up to be close to where your booth is
  • Please note, the street will be closed again completely to cars at noon, the start of the festival. Therefore, plan to unload your items to give you ample time to park and setup, so as to be ready for the noon opening. Ocean Drive is not currently open to cars, so make sure to enter at 5th street which will be the main entrance point

Remember to read the terms and conditions agreed upon when you signed up, at the following link: click here.

Highlights from the terms are below:

  • This event is “bring your own tent”
  • Tents must be white and must fit within the space purchased (10×10 or 10×20 space)
  • Tents will be placed half-way on the sidewalk and half-way in the park, in order to allow the legally required 5′ clear space for ADA accessibility. Note that the park has an incline, be sure to bring adjusters to ensure a level display of your products
  • Tents must have sides to be able to close in the evening
  • Banners and merchandise must not be displayed outside of the tent. All banners/merchandising must remain inside the tent at all times
  • One parking space is provided per vendor. Additional parking spaces require payment of a $50 fee for the 3 day event. There is no in/out, the parking space is for the car to be dropped off on Friday morning and depart on Sunday after the load-out. If you require in/out during the festival days, please plan an alternative for parking
  • We will provide parking either in the nearby city garages at 7th/Collins and 13th/Collins or on the hardpack sand near the beach (if the car is more than a standard size car or if you have a trailer)
  • A parking ticket for the garage or other space will be provided to you upon pulling up at the check in on Friday morning

Festival Hours:
Friday, Jan 14th, Noon to 10pm
Saturday, Jan 15th, 10am to 10pm
Sunday, Jan 16th, 10am to 8pm

If you have any questions in the meantime, please email us at

Thank you and we look forward to seeing you soon!