Art Deco Weekend

46th Annual Art Deco Weekend 2023

The Father of Chinese Art Deco Architecture

Wolfsonian-FIU 1001 Washington Avenue, Miami Beach

During the height of the Art Deco era, a wave of Chinese artists came to Paris to learn from Western culture. Among them was architect Liu Jipiao, the organizer and designer of China's section at the famous 1925 Paris Exposition (which introduced the world to Art Deco), and a key figure in bringing modernist art […]

Dancing in the Age of Deco

Wolfsonian-FIU 1001 Washington Avenue, Miami Beach

In the 1920s and '30s, social dancing was more popular in America than at any other time in history. Dancing happened almost anywhere people got together, infused with the same modern spirit that animated the art and architecture of the period. The popularity of dance created a vast infrastructure to support it, from sumptuous dance […]

Maps and the Selling of the Sunshine State

Wolfsonian-FIU 1001 Washington Avenue, Miami Beach

In the early 20th century, maps played a central role in the development of modern Florida—going beyond the logistics of guiding tourists, investors, and other northerners on their routes to the Sunshine State. Wolfsonian curator Lea Nickless will show how maps were crucial for the promotion of Florida as a premier destination for sunshine and […]