2020 Art Deco Weekend Poster!

We’re thrilled to share the winning poster for Art Deco Weekend 2020 Jan 17-19, unveiled last evening at our VIP event in collaboration with The Original Miami Beach Antique Show!

Artist Sergey Serebrennikov designed this powerful piece commemorating 100 years since the passage of the 19th amendment, which granted the right to vote for the first time to women in the United States. The design shows a fictional depiction of a Shero speaking to a crowd about why women’s suffrage matters. The building in the background is the Collins Park Hotel. Two historic symbols inform the piece: the yellow roses are a symbol of the suffrage movement. The oranges represent Miami founder Julia Tuttle’s successful efforts to convince Henry Flagler to extend the railroad south of Palm Beach. Tuttle sent oranges to Flagler to show him that the staple grew year round here, unlike slightly north where the conditions weren’t as good. Our Shero’s tablet contains names of just some of the amazing women who made a difference in the suffrage movement and beyond. Finally, we celebrate the 100th birthday of our founder Barbara Baer Capitman, who was born in 1920 – the year that changed the world in more ways than one. Posters are available at the Official Art Deco Gift Shop at 1001 Ocean Drive. Purchase your collectible poster soon – supplies are limited!

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